How To Play Texas Hold'em Poker

To play TheOnlyPoker you must download the game and Once you have created your account, you will see the poker Lobby where you may pick a table to play. You may play Ring Games and Sit & Go with Play Money or with Real Money. If you are new to poker, we recommend you to use our free unlimited Play Money and get yourself familiar with the Poker Rules .

Poker Lobby

After double-clicking on the table you wish to play, pick a seat. Just click on any button Take Seat.

Take Seat

Get your poker chips. You enter the amount of chips you wish to purchase. The amount varies from one table to another. If you play with real money and you do not have enough credits, you may either play a smaller table and win more money, or use the cashier to make a deposit.

Get Poker Chips

After you have your chips, you are ready to bet. Depending where you sit on the table next with respect to the dealer, you may be asked if you accept to post the big blind to immediately enter the game, or wait your turn for posting the small blind.

Action Buttons

To play TheOnlyPoker, you have 5 action buttons available: Fold, Check, Call, Raise and All-In. Each button also displays the amount involved in the action. For instance, Fold 10, means you are folding and losing $10. Likewise, Raise 100 (10 + 90) means you wish to raise your bet to 100, adding 90 to your previous bet of 10.

Poker Bet Buttons

You may also pre-play your next action. For instance, say you have weak hand, and you wish to check when comes your turn. You may put a checkbox on the Check button. If nobody raised, then the game will automatically check for you. If somebody raised, then the game will display you a choice to either fold, call, raise (bluff) or go all-in (big bluff). Similarly, you may select the Check/Fold which means you check if nobody raised and automatically fold if someone raised.

Poker Pre-Play Buttons

The button Call displays the amount you wish to call on your next action. If no other player raise, then the software game will push the call button when comes your turn to bet. If the amount is higher than your pre-play call action, then you will be given the standard buttons to either fold, call, raise or go all-in. The button Call Any means you are willing to call any bet on the table. It is recommend to do this if you have a strong hand and you are willing to match any bet on your next action. The last button, All-In Raise, means you wish to go all-in on your next action, typically because you have a very strong hand and want to raise the pot, or wish to bluff.

Poker Call

Dealer Chat

The Dealer Chat displays an event log of the game. The Dealer Chat typically appears on the right of the table, however if you have a narrow window, the Dealer Chat is located at the bottom left of the screen. The Dealer Chat displays almost every event on the table, such as when players are joining and leaving the table, when a new hand starts, players actions (fold, check, call, raise, all-in) as well who is winning the pot. Notice the icons and colors used in the Dealer Chat do match the colors of the actions of the players.

Dealer Chat

Next to the Dealer Chat is displayed the Previous Hand. In the screenshot below, you see the previous hand. The winner had two pairs (QQ88) and won $504.90. The other players also had two pairs, however of lower rank (QQ44 + A).

When you wish to leave the table, click on the button Leave Table at the bottom of the screen.

Leave Poker Table

If you wish to take a pause, you may click on the button Sit out next hand where the game will sit you out on the next hand and you will be able to keep your seat at the table without betting anything. If you have been sitting out for more than 3 hands, then your seat will be free and available to any player wishing to join the table.

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