Poker Rake

At TheOnlyPoker, the rake is taken only if the flop is displayed on the table.  That is, if everyone folds before the flop, the rake is not taken. This policy is called “no flop no drop.”

Our rake is 5% with a min of $1.00 and maximum $3.00.

Poker PointsTOP Points

You earn TOP Points each time you play a hand, regardless if you win or lose. The bigger the amount you play, the more TOP Points you earn.  TOP Points are tokens to convert your Initial Deposit Bonus into Real Money, or to pay the entrance fee for playing tournaments.  Your TOP Points are displayed in the lobby with your Real Money balance.

PM Points

When you play a hand with Play Money, you earn PLay Money (PM) Points the same way as your earn TOP Points.  All PM Points are calculated the same way as TOP Points.  If you wish to find out how fast you may accumulate TOP Points, just play a few hands with our Play Money tables.

PM Points are also used for prizes on our Play Money table.

Initial Deposit Bonus

You receive an initial matching deposit bonus on your first deposit of Real Money, up to $600. This bonus is automatically converted to your Real Money balance (which may be cashed out) as you play our game.

The game automatically transfers $10.00 of your bonus money into your Real Money balance for every 100 TOP Points you earn.  Therefore, as you play our game, your initial deposit bonus will be transferred to your Real Money balance, which you may cash out.  When your initial bonus has been completely transferred to your Real Money balance, you will start accumulating TOP Points which you may use to pay the entrance fee for playing tournaments.  Remember you may easily earn 100 TOP Points playing a few hands a low stakes table.  To see how fast you may earn TOP Points, try our game on the Real Money tables.

Your initial deposit bonus does not expire and will not be revoked.  If you decide to play our game later, you still have your initial deposit bonus available to you.


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